IPCS’ latest initiative is a research wing that offers political risk analysis and consulting services, launched in January 2016. Through its newly installed software that allows 24/7 access to all open source material available on the internet, the IPCS research team sifts through information, detects and decodes developments, and provides in-depth trend and data analysis.

The topics could range from the recruitment patterns of the Islamic State on social media platforms in a period of time, to coverage of local social and political grievances on the drilling of oil along the disputed Assam-Nagaland border, to a perception analysis of government policies from a particular stakeholder’s point of view.

The IPCS research team has been trained to observe, understand and explain open source intelligence in a way that would help clients anticipate challenges and opportunities to make better, more informed decisions. The combination of subject-matter expertise, ability to identify relevant sources, and domestic and regional knowledge will ensure the delivery of unparalleled insight into world media.

To streamline client experience, several services tailor-made to individual requirements are offered. These can include, but are not limited to, geographic/thematic dossiers, situation alerts and instant reactions to breaking news. Within a 24-hour news cycle, for example, clients can expect an instant reaction – a succinct real-time brief, produced within hours of an event. A dossier with more comprehensive analysis and future projections follows 24 hours later.

Having successfully pilot tested this initiative, the political risk component of the IPCS research activities is now fully operational and work on several projects has begun.